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Bad Habits That Can Decrease Your Endorsement

Bad Habits That Can Decrease Your Endorsement


Every day we are either building endorsement and credibility or losing it, especially at work. No one wants to have a bad reputation, but small things can have a big impact on how we are perceived by others – even putting our job in jeopardy. What are some bad habits to avoid in order to maintain a good reputation and build endorsement?



1. Negativity.
While having a best friend or someone you can talk to at work is usually a good thing, if you find yourself complaining, being negative, and gossiping more than occasionally, you can come to be viewed as a cancer within the organization. Not only can negativity affect your reputation, contributing to negative morale at work could cost you your job.

We all run into issue that can cause us to be late, but habitual tardiness can be perceived as a lack of respect for your job and your coworkers.

3. Poor e-mail communication.
As you learn more about DISC behavioral styles and motivators, you will be able to discern from email and phone conversations how to best communicate with clients and customers. If the person you are corresponding with tends to send short, direct messages, it is likely that’s the way they prefer to be communicated with as well. However, if you know the person you’re corresponding with is people-oriented like the High Influence or High Steadiness behavioral styles, a one line email might be perceived as abrupt or rude.  In addition to the style of your writing, replying promptly is not only good etiquette, but communicates professionalism and helps avoid missing important meetings and deadlines.

4. Poor grammar.
Be professional and speak correctly.  Poor grammar and slang might be fine with friends, but it can give you a bad reputation, especially among High Compliance or High Theoretical individuals, and you may be perceived as uneducated and lose endorsement.


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