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Crafting a Social Media Message for Different Behavioral Styles

Communication isn’t just about talking to someone face to face or through personal correspondence anymore. We can reach potential clients, readers, constituents and more through social media, but every reader is different. By considering who we would most like to reach, and determining their behavioral style, we can shape the message to resonate with them.

Perhaps we know that our target audience is typically made up of Dominant Behaviors. People with that High D like direct language and want you to cut to the chase. Don’t bury the lead, be specific and have the data to back up your claims. Most importantly, highlight the potential for success because the Dominant Behavioral Style wants to win.

Example: Our brand of widget costs $2 less than the leading competitor and, according to numerous objective studies, lasts twice as long. You’ll be able to invest your savings back into the areas that truly make your business successful.

 If you are trying to reach the Influencers, those with a High I, the words you choose should be friendly and full of energy. This is where you can let your marketing team be a little more loose, playful and fun. Those with an Influencing Behavioral Style are interested in people and personal appeals. They want something they can relate to.

Example: Let’s face it – It’s hard to beat sliced bread. However, this widget will save you enough money that you can buy sandwiches for your entire staff every month. You can even throw in something for the gluten free crowd.

When trying to reach an audience consisting of folks with High Steadiness Behaviors, the key is to be sincere and logical. High S’ want you to show an interest in them personally and they want to know that you care. Personal guarantees go a long way with those exhibiting Steadiness Behaviors.

Example: Our brand of widget should last you a very long time. If you are unsatisfied or ever need help replacing your widget, we have a full staff of customer service representatives ready to take your call, 24-7. Here at Corporation, we know that our business is not simply making widgets, but serving the people who use them.

Audience members who display High Cautiousness in their behavior need to be addressed in a similar way as those with Dominant behaviors. They respond well to direct language and facts and figures. Where they differ from the High D though is that they do not want to be rushed. They want to look at an issue from all sides and be persuaded that they are making the right decision by going with your company.

Example: There are numerous different widgets on the market, but our widget costs significantly less (as much as $2 less than the leading competitor). When Consumer Reports tested all of the widgets against each other, ours proved itself to be more durable and more energy efficient. Our widget has also been heralded by several groups focused on environmental issues. We hear at Corporation know that making the Earth a better place is just as important as making a better widget.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of believing that your core message is so good that you do not need to write to different audiences. This is far from the truth.  Think about what messages have really resonated with you recently. What was it that stuck with you? It could have been the word choice, the topic or the presentation itself.

Today, think about the next message you need to craft and determine what audience you are trying to reach in particular. It may help to think about a specific person that you know in that group and how you think they would best be swayed to your side.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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