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Endorsements are Eulogies for the Living

Social media exploded earlier this month with sentiment for two broadcasters who had passed away. It was announced early on a Sunday morning that longtime ESPN personality Stuart Scott had passed away after a long battle with cancer. Throughout a full day of playoff football, and lots of pre – and postgame coverage, athletes, coaches and broadcasters spoke eloquently about Scott and his effect on the channel and the industry. Later that very same evening, CNN broadcast “Life Itself,” a documentary about the life and passing of film critic Roger Ebert, and many people tweeted memories of their encounters and the critic’s impact throughout and after the program. It was a huge outpouring of love and respect for the men that they were and their personal and professional lives. People endorsed Scott and Ebert.

Endorsement is when a person commits their personal resources (time, money, energy) to a cause or a person they want to support. In addition to sharing their fond memories and kind words for Scott and Ebert, many of the people had given their time or energy for them during their lives. Endorsement comes from the heart. It can not be faked. One got the impression that everyone who spoke about the men in the television programming and on social media would have done anything either of them requested. They held both men in the highest regard.

We are often reminded of the fragility of life when someone passes away, vowing to not let things go unsaid for the people in our lives whom we love and respect. Who would you give a “Boo-Ya” or a “Thumbs Up” to? If someone comes to mind, don’t let another day pass. Make a phone call or send them a message giving them your endorsement. The next endorsement could come your way.


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