Testimonials - Applause

“I’ve known Judy for years and she was instrumental in converting me from another company to TTI. One of the very best moves I’ve ever made.

When the other members of my mastermind group got interested in adding assessments to their businesses, I called on Judy to make a presentation to our group. She did an absolutely outstanding job, which I knew she would do, and all of our members (except one who has not opted to add assessments to his speaking practice) signed up with TTI. One of those switched from another company in the process. The others added assessments for the first time.

Judy did this strictly out of the goodness of her heart and with a sense of service and dedication. She continues to be an unpaid resource for many speakers/consultants I know.

Just now, for example, I called her with a situation I wasn’t sure of and she provided the solution, using the TTI Career Insights assessments.

I know you and many others know of and appreciate the many fine contributions Judy makes to TTI, to this business, and to the lives of others. I just wanted you to know about this one instance, too. ”

~ Mike Stewart, Certified Speaking Professional, Stewart Sales Dynamics

“Maybe it was …

• to laugh together and at myself
• to find ways to recharge my spirit
• to see what makes me tick
• to see what makes others tick
• to find ways to help me help others understand themselves
• to find ways to help others understand me
• to understand differences and to learn to build on similarities

Maybe it was – You who made this a super way to spend a day and evening. What you do matters. Thanks for doing it so well.”

~ Teacher for the State of Mississippi

“As Plant Manager, I faced issues such as lack of trust, lack of direction, lack of training, and lack of teamwork. Also, there was no formal way in place to measure the relative performance of the staff. I looked to Judy to help me understand the dynamics (or lack thereof) of my staff and to help me set a path forward.”

She helped the team address all of the above listed “lacks” items. We have become a well-rounded high performance team. In addition, we now have a very concrete, measurable way to grade ourselves as well as to hire the “right” person for the job. She has helped me make some tough decisions and has provided me feedback on my performance as measured by my team.

I have spent quite a bit of time in my career with the Armed Forces and in the corporate world working under various forms of leadership metrics including Giombetti, TQM, Zenger-Miller, Achieve Global and others. This set of tools that Judy brings to the table as well as her tremendous knowledge of the subject matter takes all of these other tools and puts them into a concise measurable package that is easy to understand and helps drive team performance, not just individual performance.”

~ Jim Walter, Senior Director – Manufacturing, Mallinckrodt

“I wanted to let you know that because I attended your Train-The-Trainer program, I was able pass the DISC Certification exam on the first attempt! I plan on experiencing the same success on the Values exam later this month.

Your T3 program was an investment that is STILL paying me returns. I know both the DISC and Values models forward and backward. This added knowledge has been able to position me as an expert, which has ultimately increased my bottom line. This makes me VERY happy.

My advise to anyone out there who is considering experiencing Judy’s Train-The-Trainer program is this: If you are SEROUS about gaining a deep and thorough understanding of the DISC and Values models, you need to be there — period. Judy’s information is worth its weight in gold!”

~ Michael Spremulli, Consultant

“I have been doing Performance Development Planning training with our managers and have been so excited to tie DISC in with the PDP process! It’s a joy to have managers recall relevant DISC information and actually make the connection. While we use the DISC, Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values, and Work Environment assessments for our executive recruiting, our CEO believes so much in its value that I will be doing a class for all new managers and those who have not attended to date.”

~ Julie Bellamy, VP GlobalHR, PKC Group

“Dear Judy,

I have been waiting for the right moment to write and thank you for your inspiring work in the Train the Trainer Program. It arrived. I was recently brought into a large company to add a DISC/PIAV diagnostic segment to an OD intervention. After a very well received facilitation, the head of the HR department said, ‘There are a lot of people out there doing DISC.

I like what you do. Please come back and take our 12 person HR department through your process as soon as you can work it into your schedule’. Familiar with the difficulty we consultants often have with HR departments, I was, well, stunned. I was most pleased with the feedback and immediately thought of you and the deepening of my skills in this important work.

I have been a distributor for Target Training for almost 14 years. Your workshop took me to a depth I had not known. During the workshop felt I was in the presence of a true master. In addition to deepening my knowledge of DISC and vales work, I caught the depth of your passion and commitment to this work. You inspired me and my clients are the better for it. It has also given me the opportunity to move my work into larger companies, a strategic business initiative.

Interestingly, it was one of my clients that urged me to take your workshop. I have passed on my sincere appreciation to Peter Feinnman for his ‘endorsement’. I have, of course, been familiar with the importance of ‘endorsement’ but you have taken that term to a new level. If there is any way I can support you in attracting participants to your program, please do no hesitate to use my full ‘endorsement’ of you and your stellar program.

I am happy to speak with anyone personally so have them get in touch with me if you sense it appropriate. This workshop would be of particular value to those involved in the DISC/PIAV work who have hit a ceiling and are ready for the next level. So Judy, thank you for your generosity and the depth land care you took with me and the other participants in your program.”

~ Jim Kelley, President, Kelly-Stanton Group

“After looking at my profile, I found that the stress I was under was robbing me and my employer of valuable enthusiasm and creativity. After DISC training, I feel like I have started a new job. Long days and hours, when required, are a snap because I have learned valuable ways to understand myself and others. The use of DISC is not limited to the workplace. If you are looking for the magic bullet for effective communication and management, this is it!”

~ Judith Gage

“Judy, during the past 19 years of our relationship, you have been a great support to me in each of my professional roles as I transitioned from a corporate vice president of HR to an entrepreneur and owner of my own HR consulting firm.

To say that you have been a resource to me is an understatement. As a mentor, you have been an encourager, cheerleader, counselor, advisor, confidant, and trusted friend. When I have lacked focus, you have always taken the time to guide me back onto the track that best captures the essence of my passion to help others be successful personally and professionally. You have given me the courage and strength to move ahead with confidence.”

~ George Haberkern, President, Team Solutions, Inc.

“You were absolutely a marvel at the Possible Woman Meeting. I was amazed at the breadth and depth of your professional acumen, but more than that, you have now become my doctor, cheerleader, and role model for productivity! Your session was just great, and truly meant a great deal to me at a particular time in my life.”

~ Dr. Betty Siegel, President Emeritus, Kennesaw State University

“I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did with the ” Train-The-Trainer.” I knew I would learn from attending, but what I did not realize was how your knowledge and passion would re-energize me. I really enjoyed your presentation – you are a class act! If I felt I had the time, I would have bought every book and probably will preview (at a minimum) every tape.

Everything about the program from the mix of people to the materials and “take homes” were very effective and helpful. As an H.R. Professional, it gave me great joy and satisfaction to see and hear how you interacted with your staff, it is obvious you value and respect them. If you do have an advanced class, I would be very interested in attending.”

~ Pattie Hamons, HR Professional

“Thank you!! Your expertise, experience and enthusiasm helped make this year’s national conference truly memorable.”

~ Association of Accounting Administration

“Thank you for teaching me that in order for a group of people to become a team, they have to understand the behavior and values of all team members.”

~ John Michael, Executive VP, Ivan Allen Co.

“Since your training, people are demonstrating a higher level of trust and giving more honest feedback to top management.”

~ Bob Anderson, Plant Manager, Ford Motor Co.

“Your knowledge and ability to deliver results through your training expertise has made a tremendous difference in reducing employee conflicts and improving the tolerance for differences.”

~ Donna Gregorich, HR Manager, Ralcorp Holdings, Inc.

I wanted to share with you how much your commitment, dedication to your passion and your training has changed my life.  And to tell you “thank you” for making a believer (of the assessments) out of Marc [Corsini] and for consistently building that relationship with him (us) throughout the years.  Without that (and Marc’s guidance), I would not be where I am today.  I never dreamed that a one-minute discussion with Marc about taking over the client assessment debriefs, at our company, could have made such a difference. That discussion led me to your training class.

Your “Train the Trainer” gave me a renewed passion for helping people and analyzing their behavior.  My only goal for that class was to be able to debrief our clients on the assessment.  Well, I no longer do just that.  I am now helping our clients hire the right people for their company; I conduct team building workshops; I help our clients with conflict disputes between employees; I have started coaching our clients on helping them build better rapport with their team so they can have more actively engaged employees;   I have even started coaching clients on developing their emotional Intelligence (which is my favorite). I went from scheduling clients to advising them!

I am now certified in behaviors, motivators, driving forces and emotional Intelligence  and plan on getting certified in acumen next year.  I am also going back to school to get a degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology!

It has brought so much fulfillment to my life. I went from a struggling, single mom of twin girls who helped run Marc’s business to a married, thriving mom (remarried my ex husband) who is contributing to Marc’s business.  He now views me more of a partner instead of a supporter.   Most importantly I found what I love to do!

None of this would have been possible without you & Marc.  You paved the way in this profession so people like me could follow.  Marc believed and trusted in me and allowed me to keep pursuing what I love.

So, thank you very much!”

~ Briana Dudley, Performance Coach, Corsini Consulting Group, LLC.

“Thank you so much for the training and more importantly, your friendship! Everyone knows (and I was reminded) that you are the expert with such a deep knowledge of people. Spending time with you the last few days has been amazing. More importantly, I really enjoy the time we spend outside of class where I get to absorb a small percentage of your vast experience. Thank you for giving the gift of your time to me. You have enriched my life and that of so many others.” 

~ Art Snarzyk, President, InnerView Advisors, Inc.

“Meeting & working with you coupled with learning and working with DISC and Values has made a tremendous impact in my personal and professional life.  I am more self-aware of my behaviors, values, triggers, etc… so that I can adapt to situations.  I am more aware of the behavior and such of others … so that I can more effectively engage. Thanks for changing my life.” 

~ Daryus Campbell, Regional HR Specialists Manager, FedEx Ground – Southern Region

“Thank you, Judy, for a breathtaking, inspiring opportunity to learn from you! Every detail was perfectly attended to. First class service in every exchange and with each of your team members! Thank you also for reaching out to me after the session to walk me through the numbers conversation–so thoughtful of you. I feel I have much more to learn from you and I look forward to attending your advanced class.”

~ Shawn Hayashi, Chief Learning Officer, The Professional Development Group