People are what make organizations successful, not processes!

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Offers both manually scored and computerized learning tools as well as easy to use facilitator kits for all of their products. Specific profiles include Discovering Diversity Profile , Time Mastery Profile®, Coping & Stress Profile®, Team Dimension Profile®, Dimensions of Leadership Profile®, Personal Listening Profile® plus many more.

inscape-C-888-smallDISC® CLASSIC PROFILE 2.0

The attitudes, behaviors and values we hold continually impact our relations with others. At times, relationships with others run smoothly, and at times, we wonder what has gone wrong? A clear understanding of oneself is crucial in order to look outward at what is happening with others. The DiSC® Classic Profile can untangle the unknown for you and lead you to more satisfying relationships with others, both on a personal and workplace level.
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The Teams Dimension Profile measures what each team member “brings to the table” in terms of behavioral styles and the ability to work together. It also identifies the team role best suited for the individual through the use of a four quadrant grid.
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inscape-C-345-smallTIME MASTERY PROFILE®

Do you want your employees to: Manage their time more efficiently?
Be able to set clearly defined goals that are actually followed through?
Do important tasks first? Make planning a habit? Handle interruptions effectively while performing scheduled tasks? View meetings in a more positive light? Put time on your side?
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People speak to you and you listen. But, if you had really listened you would have learned that you were given an extra day to complete your sales report. Instead, you spent the afternoon hurrying to put your report together when you could have made another sales call.
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Shifting demographics have certainly affected the workforce in many ways. Given the reality of individual uniqueness in the workforce combined with changes in employment practices, organizations are required to modify or change how their respond to these challenges. It is not an easy process. However, the Discovering Diversity Profile® is here to help you with those difficult changes and is available in a paper version and an Online version through EPIC.
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