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In a world where the pace of change is constantly accelerating,
Adaptability has emerged as the top skill for achieving sustainable success.
Forbes has declared Adaptability to be:
The One Soft Skill You Absolutely Need for Career Longevity.”
Adaptability and the Future of Work: Seeing The Invisible. 

A mini-documentary film by 22 time Emmy award-winning director Nick Nanton.


Change is inevitable, yet so many people and businesses used to avoid it or ignore it at all costs. That’s because the system was broken… until now.

AQai, with the support of many key partners, is pioneering a new operating system for change, one where you can thrive in a technology-driven world.

About the Training

Competitive Edge is one of the first AQai authorized global trainers.

Our program is built for professional trainers, human resource professionals and internal/external consultants who are committed to providing world-class services.

This training focuses on the AQ – Adaptability Intelligence Model that can be applied to personal and professional development, leadership, teams, and individual employees. Build a dynamic and resilient culture that thrives on change by learning to measure and enhance Adaptability.

Download an AQai Assessment Sample Report (pdf)

AQ Adaptability Certifications

Competitive Edge has partnered with AQai Adaptability Assessments to deliver AQ Partner Certification and AQ Practitioner Certification programs. These unique training and certification program will equip you to enhance your coaching and consulting capabilities. 

Once certified in the AQ Model, you will have the tools to measure an individual’s Adaptability Quotient, insights into areas for improvement and the ability to recommend approaches to increase resilience and skill building.

Who Is AQ Partner Certification For?

  • Employers & Team Leaders – Who want to support their people through change and transformation
  • HR & Learning Professionals – Who want to understand, empower and improve their change capabilities
  • Consultants & Consultancies – Looking to add expertise and deliver more client value
  • Executive Coaches and Mentors – Who envision a bigger future than their past, for themselves and their clients


Who Is AQ Practitioner Certification for?

  • Employers & Team Leaders – Who want to support their people through change and transformation
  • HR & Learning Professionals – Who want to understand, empower and improve their change capabilities
  • Individual Contributors & Employees – Who envision a bigger future than their past


Next AQ Foundation Certification Course:

Blended Adult Learning Program

Live Zoom Dates:


MEET YOUR COHORT: August 6 – 9:30AM-11:00AM ET
TRAINING: August 13 & 15 – 9:30AM-1:00PM ET


Download Brochure/Registration Form (PDF)


Steps to Certification:

Step 1: AQme Assessment

The first step is to to take your own assessment. You will become familiar with your results and online development resources available.

Step 2: Kick-Off “Understand” Session

In this one and a half-hour live online session you will meet your AQ Master Trainers and your fellow cohort members before diving into the course introduction.

Step 3: Online Learning and “Study Group”

Next you will complete a total of 8 hours of self-paced on-demand instruction over a two-week period. You will also have the option to attend a live study group session to share your questions and insights with others in this learning journey.

Step 4: Wrap-Up Session “Apply AQ”

You will reconvene with your cohort and your AQ Master Trainers for a two-hour live online wrap-up session. You will have the opportunity to review the program, share feedback, and explore questions.

Final Step: Certification and Resources

Once you have finished the program you will be entitled to access the AQ Partner Portal and obtain the resources to deliver AQme Assessments to your clients and organizations.

AQ Foundation Certification Training is available in open enrollment registration and can be held privately for organizations of any size.


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