DISC Tool Provide Self-Knowledge of Behaviors assessments employ the DISC Behavioral Model, also referred to as The DISC Map™, which examines the four behavioral style categories. Measuring observable behaviors in these categories empower individuals with a guide to traversing the ups and downs of their own choices, reactions, and interactions with others. Academic research has revealed that highly successful individuals exhibit deeper self-awareness. The insights enable them to take the reins of their lives and careers. Through the DISC assessments, you and your teams will access the behavioral self-awareness that awakens empathy and improves collaboration. The results are more functional and productive teams and individuals able to lean into their strengths since they will have gained insights into their optimal behavior modes and scenarios for reduced stress and peak performance.

Behavioral self-knowledge equips people to make choices and steer towards actions that better align with their natural styles. This self-awareness yields more positive outcomes. assessments addresses questions like:

How can you interact more effectively with your co-workers and people outside the workplace?
Is your work situation forcing you to alter your natural behavior style, and if so, how much?
What scenarios are likely to raise your stress level or lead to conflict?
What can you do to recharge your batteries when you are experiencing stress?

Understanding the Motivators that Drive You

The Motivators Map™ charts the six universal drivers of engagement making it easy for individuals to understand their motivations. These categories of drivers, which are listed from the most individually-oriented to the most group-oriented, are as follows: Economic, Conceptual, Power, Aesthetic, Regulatory, and Humanitarian. The assessments provide an index in each category showing the relative importance of that driver to the individual.

Equipped with the knowledge of their spectrum of motivators, people are able to improve communication both within and outside the work environment. They are able to apply the insights to align their actions and decisions towards fulfilling their desires and maintaining a sense of purpose. Businesses and individuals use these assessments to improve many areas of the organization, including team building, goal setting, strategy, decision making, and management development.

Download DISC and Motivators Sample Reports

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A brief sample report showing natural and adapted DISC graphs.
DISC Sample (Brief)

A comprehensive sample report showing natural and adapted DISC graphs.
DISC (Comprehensive)

A consolidated single image view of a company’s DISC graphs.
Company DISC Overview

A sample of an individual’s engagement index for the six categories of Motivators.
Motivators Sample

A brief sample report combining DISC maps and Motivators.
Combo Report (Brief)

A comprehensive sample report combining DISC maps and Motivators.
Combo (Comprehensive)

A combined report for a team’s DISC and Motivators scores.
Team Summary Sample

A consolidated single image view of a company’s Motivators charts.
Company Motivators

A single zip file containing all of the above sample reports.
All Sample Reports

All samples are in PDF format.