Motivators Quickie Self-Assessment

Motivators Icons - Economic, Utilitarian, Power, Aesthetic, Regulatory, Humanitarian

What is your top Motivator?

This is a quick self-assessment to discover your most prevalent Motivator among the six basic motivational categories: Economic, Conceptual, Power, Aesthetic, Regulatory, and Humanitarian. It is not intended to be as nuanced as our full assessments, but just a quick and fun exercise to introduce you to the Motivators concepts.

Find your affinities:

Below are six boxes with six lines each. Simply select the line in each box that you feel the strongest connection with or that best represents you. You can only select one line per box. Be sure to make a choice in each box then press the button below to see the results.

What words most resonate with you at this point in your life?

Remember to make a choice in all six boxes before continuing.

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