Selling to the High Compliance Behavioral Style

        Clues:margaret thatcher

  • Tone of Voice: Do they use little modulation? Are they quiet? Precise?
  • Conversation: Are they formal, revealing little personal detail? Do they seem to over-evaluate or overuse date? Do they seem distant? Is this person driven by facts and logic with a step-by-step approach? Do they seem to hear the negatives first?

If you can answer yes to these questions, the person you are communicating with probably has High Compliance behavioral tendencies as part of their primary style.

How They Communicate: Accurate, Conscientious, Controlled

What They Wants: Accuracy, Order

What They Fear: Criticism of work, Lack of high standards

Information They Need to Make a Decision: Why product/service is logical, Lots of details and specifics

How to sell or provide service to them: Stress track record, Be on time and well prepared, Expect skepticism, Don’t get too personal

Words to use: Here are the facts, quality, analysis, realistic, open-ended