Selling to the High Influence Behavioral Style


  • Tone of Voice: Are they lively? Take very few pauses? Are they enthusiastic and fairly loud?
  • Conversation: Do they talks about themselves frequently? Do they tell long stories? Does this person seem excited and interested in others? Are they verbose?

If you can answer yes to these questions, the person you are communicating with probably has High Influence behavioral tendencies as part of their primary style.

How They Communicate: Enthusiastic, Self-promoting, Sociable

What They Wants: Involvement with other people, To be liked, Recognition

What They Fear: Rejection, Loss of approval

Information They Need to Make a Decision: Who is using the product/service, What they say about it

How to sell or provide service to them: Stress the appeal to people, Offer special, immediate, and extra incentives for their willingness to take risks, Be fun and friendly

Words to use: Exciting, innovative, fun, I feel, I’ll be there to support you