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Author Archives: Judy Suiter

Helping People Bring Passion to Work and Life

Judy was recently featured in Fayette Woman’s “Who’s Who: Women in Business” spread. Click Here to read her article.

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The Driving Force behind Jon Bon Jovi’s Newest Endeavor

Jon Bon Jovi’s newest restaurant, Soul Kitchen, redefines the way individuals look at hunger. No, not because the food is so delicious (although they do use fresh and local ingredients), but because of the unique experience the restaurant provides. At Soul Kitchen, there are no prices on the menu. Instead, diners can choose between paying […]

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Watching Motivators Come Alive on The Briefcase

How would you feel if you and your family were forced to go up against another family for survival? No, I’m not talking about a spin-off of Suzanne Collins’ popular trilogy, The Hunger Games; I’m referring to CBS’s newest reality television series entitled The Briefcase. Each week, this show depicts two families undergoing financial difficulty […]

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Crafting a Social Media Message for Different Behavioral Styles

Communication isn’t just about talking to someone face to face or through personal correspondence anymore. We can reach potential clients, readers, constituents and more through social media, but every reader is different. By considering who we would most like to reach, and determining their behavioral style, we can shape the message to resonate with them. […]

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Being Happy and Healthy at Work

Have you ever said, “This job is killing me?” You might be right. Recently, I attended the Alan Weiss conference and had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Martin Seligman speak. His topic was on the importance of happiness. The talk was not just about a person’s psychological well-being, but also about how happiness improves a […]

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How Those with Different Motivational Behaviors View ‘The Dress’

  The big news last week was “the dress.” It was still trending this week as people debated whether the dress was white and gold or blue and black. People even began to debate whether or not it was really important to have that conversation. Although science tells me that one can’t tell which way […]

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Observing DISC Behavioral Styles at the Coffee Shop

Where would we be without the plethora of coffee shops that populate nearly every city in the world these days? More than just a place to start your day or get some breakfast on your way to work, the coffee shop has become a remote office, a central meeting location for civic organizations or study […]

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is a lifelong learner

The poster for the film “The Social Network,” based on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg read, “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.” When it comes to Zuckerberg though you could add, you don’t get to Harvard University and becoming CEO of one of the most influential technology companies in the […]

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A DISC Super Bowl Preview

The pundits will talk (and talk) about X’s and O’s, offensive and defensive schemes and, of course, proper ball inflation leading up to the Super Bowl, but why not take a look at the personalities of the coaches and quarterbacks of the two teams in Sunday’s big game. They are often looked upon as the […]

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Endorsements are Eulogies for the Living

Social media exploded earlier this month with sentiment for two broadcasters who had passed away. It was announced early on a Sunday morning that longtime ESPN personality Stuart Scott had passed away after a long battle with cancer. Throughout a full day of playoff football, and lots of pre – and postgame coverage, athletes, coaches […]

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