Nonverbal Behavioral Style Clues: Sitting Styles

We have gone over clues to understanding different DISC behavioral styles by observing the way a person walks and the way a person stands. For the third and final week, we will go over posture and positioning when sitting and what this might reveal about a person’s behavior.

Week Three: Sitting Styles  

High Dominance  Clues:

  • Prefers to sit with one ankle resting on the other knee
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Feet on desk

High Influence  Clues: people-sitting

  • Sits with legs crossed
  • One leg bouncing up and down
  • Won’t stay seated for long

High Steadiness  Clues:

  • Legs hooked around chair legs
  • Legs crossed and underneath body, sometimes sits on their foot
  • Hands in lap

High Compliance  Clues:

  • Sits sideways in chair with legs crossed (no movement)
  • Rests calf of leg on the other knee
  • Arms crossed in front or chin resting on one hand or covering mouth